ABC Talking Partnership

As a partner, you can earn money by talking to Japanese people who want to learn English.

Talk about any topic

No special skill is required and there's no need to prepare any texts.

5 Minutes Calls

You don't need a lot of time in order to be a partner: The talk time of each call is just 5 minutes!

Anytime and Anywhere

Simply open the app and wait for calls. You can pick up calls from anywhere at any time!

Learn the Japanese culture

As a partner, you will talk to many different people from all of Japan, from all ages, occupations and hobbies.

Not just for learning English

The real purpose of ABC Talking is to communicate beyond the differences of religions, cultures and lifestyles.

Android + iOS support

The ABC Talking platform is currently available for Android and iOS devices.

Interview by Video Message is Open now.

Make an inquiry to Applicants should send a self- introductory short movie (about 1 minute) according to the questions to the above e-mail address. Upon receipt of the inquiry, the question form will be sent to the applicant and make the short movie in answer to the form.
Watch the promotion movie of ABC Talking for better understanding.